The Big Game

This is happening, it’s happening soon and I am totally ill prepared for it for these reasons:

  • My headset ‘may’ be failing. I’ve had reports that my mic cuts out. I can’t get this to replicate under labratory conditions though so maybe it’s my gaming partners ears that are cutting out.
  • My PC is not mobile friendly. It’s fucking huge for one but also I’ve never actually attached my SSD’s, they will just be flopping around inside the case, swinging by the sata cables and smashing into my tender circuitry. The case came with wheels, I didn’t attach them either.
  • I am slightly crippled. Due to my ongoing throacic outlet syndrom, gaming is currently quite an uncomfortable experience. My desk helps a little as I can pull out a section and use it for an arm rest, I won’t have this at The big game and have no idea what levels of excruciating pain I will end up subjecting myself to because of this.
  • I am unfamiliar with the preferred games. Obviously you can play what the hell you want (Isaac?) but it is pointless going to a lan party and not getting involved with the tournaments; namely: Dota 2, CS:GO, Trackmania and some others I’m not interested in. My best bet is CS:GO as I’m a CS ‘veteran’ but I haven’t played since the dark ages and I’ve played very little of CS:GO. I don’t think I can even remember how to buy ammo.

Still, I’ve commited. I must game.


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