Steel Coma Tube: Guaranteed to arrive several years later than originally anticipated

I finally decided to bite the bullet and send some Steel Coma tracks onto the WWW, I have posted them on Soundcloud for your listening joy. Until I can afford to reignite the actual website(s) I think I will just have to take advantage of such places. I will also put some Drinking Quasars stuff up as soon as my workstation gets back from the clinic, and once they have formed actual tracks rather than billions upon billions of scattered remnants.

As most people in this world will not be aware of this Steel Coma Quasars stuff, allow me to shed some light…

An SCT piccy

Steel Coma Tube: Guaranteed to hold the camera the wrong way round

Steel Coma Tube is the joint music project of myself and one other although it has to be said that most of our work is actually done separately to prevent cataclysmic style events occurring. It is an experimental electro-industrial project with the emphasis on the experimental as this allows us to change styles and formulas suddenly, inexplicably and without prior notice. It was formed so we could make music that we wanted to listen to but couldn’t find and also due to the promise of fortune and glory. We have probably lost more work than we care to think about and only a handful of tracks have ever made it to what can be described as a finished state. Even then most of these songs would best be described as ‘demos’ as they are still un-mastered and brimming with areas begging to be tidied.

A Drinking Quasars logo?

Quinking Drasars

Drinking Quasars is a personal project of mine that primarily focuses on the theme of astonomy, astrophysics and quantum physics. It is an electric-ambient type of thing but not in that dull single pad and perpetually echoing noises kind of way. I see it as an accompaniment to lying in the garden looking at the night sky, on opium.

Both these beasts have the basis for full albums, some times even the artwork and the tracklistings are there, we just need to complete the music. Maybe one day we will or maybe not, maybe some other people will enjoy what we have done, maybe not, it’s not really the point. We have a lovely time doing what we do and we certainly enjoy listening to our sordid creations. If at the very least it keeps us occupied and distanced from the horrors of the world then our work is done.

Find our faces here (maybe):

Steel Coma Tube

Drinking Quasars


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