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Lods fate

The amount of quests available in Skyrim is absurd. I’m currently trying to clear some of the 40+ I currently have so my Journal doesn’t look so fat with the needs of others. This is verging on the impossible, I seem to be picking up at least one new quest for every one I complete just by accidentally speaking to the wrong person, and if it’s offered I’m afraid I can’t turn it down. I just need to stop talking to people.

Some times the game gods lend a helping hand, however. I recently arrived at a town trying to find someone called ‘Lod’ who I apparently need to speak to. As I approached him I heard the now familiar sound of a dragon nearby but none the less continued to try to initiate the conversation. Lod decided to ignore my chatter and take matters into his own hands, I turned just in time to see his face get roasted off by the dragon that had landed smack bang in the middle of the village. With the help of the other locals the dragon was soon dead, but so was my quest provider, he still even had his little white triangle floating above his lifeless frame and no amount of clicking would activate it.

It’s moments like this that make games like Skyrim special, the fact that there are quests or interactions that may never be seen purely due to an accidental event really adds to the depth of the experience and more than makes up for the silly things that try to do the opposite.

Having said that the quest marker is still there, floating over Lods stupid body, and therefore so is the quest. So this incident has not helped me at all in fact I now have a quest that can never be completed stuck forever in my Journal.


Dead Lod and Quest.

Lod, with my now impossible quest.



I have finally given in to my desire to share my undoubtedly valued opinions and musings on the world of games, music creation and anything else that worms itself in to, or out of, my tny mind. I’ve had this yearning for some time but I tend to get somewhat distracted by games, music creation, worms…

Some times I just feel like I might want to expand on my usual 140-character limit, and by hell that is what I intend to do right here. Granted I threw a few posts at Gamespot but obviously that is somewhat restrictive and I already have a Live Journal account but that is really of an era and state of mind, I wouldn’t feel right in using it for these specific purposes. I looked at Tumblr but that just looks like the sordid fuck-child of MySpace and Twitter and is not something that really thrills me. I considered WordPress some time ago but I think I was worried it may be too expansive for my current simple needs, but in retrospect that’s a daft way to think.

So here it is, all hope abandon… and so forth.